Areas of Practice

› Legal assistance in litigation prevention – dealings, agreements and compromises
› National and international Arbitration Procedures, involving issues of Civil Law, Commercial Law and Corporate Law
› Civil and Commercial Litigation, in general:

• Contract renewal/termination
• Redress of property and moral damages
• Obligations to do /not to do
• Declaratory actions
• Payment into court
• Detinue
• Collection suits in general
• Foreclosure

• Probate Procedures in general
• Company dissolution and winding‐up
• Court reorganization and bankruptcy
• Suits involving consumers’ rights
• Third party’s motions
• Brazilian class action
• Search, seizure and similar procedures
• Injunctions and other provisional remedies
• Rendering of accounts

› Drafting and revising national and international contracts of various natures, such as:
• Supply and Purchase & Sale
• Service Delivery
• Distribution
• Agency and Commercial Representation
• Franchise
• Toll manufacture
• Confidentiality (NDA)
• Donation
• Chattel Rental
• Freight & Transportation
• Financial agreements involving national and international loans, guaranty agreements related to such loans, as well as assistance in the formalization of such guaranties, pursuant to registration at the applicable Registry Offices
• Conveyance of obligations – credit assignment and take‐over of debts
• Extinguishment of contract obligations – out‐of‐court actions aiming at amendment to, termination, dissolution or rescission of agreements
• Others

› Lawsuits in the realty area, in general:

• Possessory Actions
• Adverse Possession
• Repossession
• Action for Adjudication
• Land Apportionment & Boundary
• Condominium Dissolution

• Eviction
• Rent Adjustment
• Renew of Leases
• Deposit into court
• Injunction of novi operis nunciatio
• Action for Prospective Damages

› Termination of Purchase & Sale commitments and repayments
› Review of real estate contracts, study of abusive clauses and illegal interest
› Reparation of damages: delay in construction work delivery, work defects, and so on
› Risks in the acquisition of real estate: legal audit of seller and property, aiming at a safe transaction
› Preparing contracts and all sorts of legal instruments:

• Purchase & Sale Commitments
• Exchange
• Leasing
• Lease
• Surface Rights
• Built to Suit

• Civil Engineering & Construction (Piecework, EPC Turn‐Key, Alliance, and others.)
• Creation of Liens (mortgage, pledge and others)

› Consulting on legal structure of real estate developments:

• Allotments
• Developments & condominiums

• Shopping Centers
• Hotels

› Assistance on real estate brokerage
› Assistance in property acquisition by foreigners

› Drafting all legal instruments for corporate operations, such as:

• Articles of Association and Amendments
• Bylaws and Amendments
• Merger Protocols and Justifications

• Minutes of Shareholders’ and other meetings
• Shareholders’ / Quotaholders’ Agreements

› Organizations of:

• Consortiums
• Joint ventures
• Affiliated, subsidiary & parent companies

• Corporate Groups
• Special companies for investments
• Associations
• Foundations

› Assistance in structuring legal operations such as:

• Mergers
• Acquisitions
• Consolidations

• Spin‐offs
• Equity Assignments

› Corporate reorganization for succession planning and asset armoring
› Assistance in operations involving securities (stocks, debentures, subscription warrants, and so on)
› Due Diligence

› Taking legal actions for reparations due to damages, in general:

• Material or Property Damages
• Moral Damages
• Aesthetic Damages
• Lost Profits

› Damages relating to violations of image, privacy, and authorial rights
› Medical, dental, and clinical damages
› Damages resulting from the undermining of credit or credibility
› Damages resulting from offense to honor (calumny, defamation, slander)
› Moral and Sexual Assault at places of work
› Damages in cases of death, permanent deformation or disability

› Assistance with succession planning for businesses
› Drafting of Wills
› Setting up Family Holdings
› Inventory of items, and Enrollment for the Sharing of Assets
› Legal Licensing

› Consulting involving brands, patents, industrial designs, know-how, internet domains, authorial rights, technology transfer, use of image and voice, etc.
› Preventative and litigation assistance for processes relating to the registration and protection of intellectual property assets, principally with the INPI Instituto Nacional de Propriedade Industrial (National Institution for Industrial Property);
› Assistance in protection from the practice of actions of disloyal competition, piracy, or counterfeiting of intellectual property.
• Assistance with Authorial Rights

› Legal advice to companies undergoing difficulties. Company restructuring projects
› Conduct negotiations and dealings
› Judicial and extrajudicial reorganization and bankruptcy
› In‐court defense of creditors’ interests. Recovery of credits against debtors under bankruptcy or extrajudicial and judicial reorganization
Review reorganization agreements and credit recovery plans

› Consultancy regarding the federal, state and local tax laws
› Legal assistance as to the company’s regular tax procedures
› Follow up tax inspection processes, legal assistance in administrative and judicial court proceedings
› Obtaining special taxation systems, tax payment in installments and the like. Tax incentives
› Handling administrative and judicial court proceedings in general
› Tax avoidance
› Assistance in Tax Litigations, in general:

• Writs of Mandamus
• Motions to dismiss Tax Execution
• Declaratory Actions

• Refund of Undue Payment
• Annulment Actions
• Defense in Tax Execution Proceedings

› Assistance at the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service or Legal Actions involving topics of the Customs Law, such as:

• Import Parameterization – Red Channel and Gray Channel
• Special Inspection Procedure – IN/RFB 1169/11
• Fraudulent Intermediation and Source of Funds ‐ IN/RFB 228/022
• Fines and Penalty of Loss of Imported Goods
• Customs Classification and Valuation
• Import Permits
• Requirements by Licensing Agencies ‐ ANVISA, DPF, ANP, INMETRO, MAPA, etc.
• Refund and Offset of Overpaid Taxes
• Special customs systems
• Sea transportation and storage issues
• Exchange & Exchange Control
• Drawback
• Antidumping issues
• Others

› Bidding procedures:
• Assistance in the analysis and interpretation of Invitations to Bid
• Follow up Company’s participation in bidding procedures
• Preparation of Objections and Administrative Appeals
• Adoption of court actions, such as Writs of mandamus, Injunctions
› Administrative Contracts:
• Assistance in the Analysis and Interpretation of Administrative Contracts
• Assistance for preservation of the economic‐financial balance of a contract: partial or total nonperformance events, review of clauses and contract termination
• Adoption of legal actions in court
› Assistance with cases at the Excise Court
› Assistance with Regulatory Agencies and regulated segments

› Assistance with Regulatory Agencies and regulated sectors

› Assistance with federal, state, or municipal Expropriations
› Defense of fair value and accruals: commercial fund, commercial point, etc.

› Consultancy as to the need for environmental permits
› Consultancy to obtain prior environmental permits, set‐up and operating permits from CETESB, IBAMA, DAEE and local agencies
› Assistance in the preparation of environmental studies (EIA/RIMA, RAP, EAS, and others.)
› Management of Environmental Recovery Commitments ‐ TCRA, pursuant to technical support for implementation of the required compensatory actions, follow up deadlines and drafting of reports
› Management of Statements of Environmental Conduct Adjustment
› Management of Civil Inquests
› Interlocutory measures at federal, state and local environment agencies integrating SISNAMA
› Defense in legal actions

› Consulting on labor law
› Preventive consulting and drafting of work contracts
› Work with the Labor Justice, in all instances, disputing varied labor matters, including complex subjects such as:
• Moral Harassment and Sexual Harassment
• Work Accidents
• Equal Pay
• Accumulation of or Deviance from Work Functions
• Exemption for Just Causes and Indirect Termination
• Recognition of links and other relations such as commercial representation, legal entities, etc.
› Assistance with procedures concerning the Labor and Work Ministry (MTE) and the Public Labor Ministry (MPT)
› Assistance with pension law